What You Need to Know about Pets

I know someday one of you of both of you may ask me for a pet. I hope that day may not come, or at least not that fast.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a dog person.

I just can't imagine bringing three monsters all together to go out. Having one kid is a blessing from God. Having two kids? You can say it's a challenge. Three? That's a punishment. Life is already full of challenges. Let's not turn it into a punishment, shall we?

Besides, I may be grumpy, but I'm definitely not cruel. If you beg me with your little eyes, how can I turn you down?

Another reason is that I had a dog before, I know how exactly the situation will be. Feeding the dog? training her where to pee? Taking a shower? Those are all my jobs 3 months later after you're tired of it.

And you know the dog's life is way shorter than a human? The time the dog gets old is about the time you two leave home and live outside for school. I'm not going to face those parting things again and again in such a short period. That'd a killer to me.

Yeah, I know the dog may play and be company with me. Wait a minute, don't you think saying things like this implies you're not going to do so? Hell no, those video games are mine. No way I will hold the dog and watch you guys play. We play together.